Preparing for College

If you’re preparing for college, you’re probably already taking the classes you’ll need for admission to an engineering program.  Recommended courses include:

  • Math (Four Years): Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus
  • Science (Four Years): Biology, Physics, Chemistry
    (Other science options for the fourth-year requirement and electives include advanced levels of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Ecology, Astronomy, and Earth Sciences.)
  • Language Arts (Four Years): English
    (Elective courses in this area include Speech/Debate, Communications/Media, and Journalism.)
  • Foreign Language (Three Years): Your choice, based on what your school offers.

Other Courses and Requirements
No matter what colleges and majors you’re considering, you’ll want to show that you’re well rounded, with a wide range of experiences and knowledge. So it’s also important to take courses in History/Social Studies, Geography, Computers, Social Sciences (Psychology and Sociology), and the Arts, and to get involved in extracurricular activities that you love. All of these offer skills that will be valuable in your future studies and your chosen career.

You’ll also need to do well on your standardized tests (score requirements vary by college), and it’s a good idea to take some AP and Honors courses when they’re offered.

For More Information
Three Web sites that offer helpful information on preparing for admission to engineering school are the American Society for Engineering Education’s K-12 Center’s student section, and Try Engineering.

Your Application
When you’re filling out college applications, make it clear you intend to major in engineering. Even if you’re not sure about engineering, go ahead and apply as an engineering student, as most schools require you to enter the program your freshman year. If you decide later on that engineering isn’t a good fit, you can easily move out of the program and into another major at your chosen school.

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