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Katherine Bicer's dream job keeps helicopters flying high AND she teaches yoga to her coworkers. [Video duration 1:16]

Erin Fletcher's dream job lets her fulfill her childhood dream to build bridges AND she gets to change people’s lives. [Video duration 1:57]

Daniele Lantagne's dream job lets her teach people how to make their drinking water safe ALL WHILE traveling the world. [Video duration 2:13]

Judy Lee's dream job lets her design everything from toys to pet products AND she gets to brings her dog to work. [Video duration 2:07]

Tanya Martinez's dream job lets her follow her passions for the environment and her culture PLUS she’s her own boss! [Video duration 1:20]

Jessica Miller's dream job lets her invent cutting-edge medical devices AND save lives. [Video duration 2:08]

Tara Teich's dream job lets her create new worlds and cool characters for video games PLUS she gets her name on the box! [Video duration 3:01]