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Daniele Lantagne

Favorite classes in high school: Biology and American Literature

Volunteer work: In college, Daniele ran a peer-listening hotline, where students counseled other students on everything from relationships to handling academic pressure.
Favorite hobby: Highpointing, which Daniele defines as climbing to the highest point in each state. In Alaska, she reached the summit of Mt. McKinley, which at 20,320 ft. is the highest mountain peak in North America and treacherously difficult to climb. Some of the high points in other states are significantly less spectacular, and, as Daniele readily admits, “some of them seem stupid.” In Delaware, for example, the high point is an intersection in suburban Wilmington, just 442 ft. above sea level.

Education: B.S. and M.S. in environmental engineering from MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Advice: “The basics are incredibly important, so take your math and your science, and try to do things that put you in situations where you have to find the answers, but not necessarily through book learning . . . do something to get your hands dirty. And figure out what you like, that’s the big thing.”